• April 4th, 2016

You are required to write a critical review of not more than 1,200 words on an article or book chapter which you believe is relevant to the module.

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Assignment two has both a group and an individual element. The group element comprises 20% of the total module marks. The individual element comprises 30% of the total module marks.

Learning outcomes assessed:To be able to assess critically the implications of such developments for established financial theories
To be able to evaluate competing proposals for regulatory responses to· such developments
To be able to set current financial developments in an appropriate· historical context
To be able to appreciate the linkages between contemporary· international financial developments and the shaping of national financial systemsTo be able to gather and analyse appropriate data in order to test competing hypotheses concerning contemporary financial developments.
To be able to apply theoretical models drawn from their study of· finance to practical problems drawn from contemporary experience
To be able to appreciate the variety of competing theoretical and· practical approaches that can be taken with regard to financial issues
To be able to evaluate the impact of regulatory proposals in the area· of finance on a wide variety of market participants

Group Element:
You are a team of financial journalists who have been asked to produce a news web-site covering the contemporary financial world. The topics to be covered in the web-site are those covered in the module as a whole; recent developments in different national financial systems, the development of the recent financial crisis, reform proposals emerging from the crisis, corporate governance and currency crises. You should produce the web-site as a`wiki’ (a collaborative web-site: https://moodle.brookes.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/874149/mod_resource/content/1/Introduction%20to%20the%20Brookes%20wiki.pdf) using the wiki-site which has been set up for the module as a whole. Detailed guidance concerning the site and how to use it will be given on a separate handout early in the semester. You should use the pages which have been allocated to you on this wiki under the heading of your group name to produce your news site.
The site for each group should consist of no more than 500 words of text per group member plus any associated links or visual material which you wish to add. In other words a group of five should produce no more than 2,500 words of text, a group of four should produce no more than 2,000 words of text and a group of six should produce no more than 3,000 words of text (this does not mean that each individual within the group is correspondingly limited, just that the overall limit for the group as a whole depends on the number of people in the group). It should be organised as a home page leading into other pages each dealing with a separate topic.
Each person in a group needs to do one topic. The topics covered in your wiki site should relate to at least three of the five central issues we are dealing with in the module. These issues are (1) comparing financial systems (2) the causes of the financial crisis, (3) reforms proposed as a result of the financial crisis (That is what I AM doing in the group), (4) corporate governance and (5) currency crises. P.S. I am doing number3, “reforms proposed as a result of the financial crisis”.
For each topic you should highlight either an important piece of news which has occurred during the course of the module or in the reasonably recent past (roughly during the last decade) or a relevant prediction for the future and you should describe how this news or prediction relates to the material we have covered in the module (either through the lectures, seminars or reading) – either because it is an example of one or more of the theories or models we are examining in the module or because it puts those theories or models into question.
N.B. The wiki is meant to be a financial news site and so detailed academic referencing is not required for this element of the assignment. A short list of the principal sources used at some point on the site, either at the end of an individual posting or on a separate page, is sufficient referencing for the group element.

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