• April 20th, 2016

Writing Task

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The general topic for this writing task is: Political Correctness and Language Manipulation.
The specific question is “Political correctness (PC) is really just an excuse to manipulate other people’s language use. Discuss.”

These are the general instructions:
Select one of the following sub-topics. Respond to the question by integrating 1 x media article and 1 x scholarly article from the articles provided. In addition, find 2 x scholarly articles which relate to your sub-topic and integrate them into your response.
All texts must be referenced following the APA style.
If you want to use more than 4 source texts, you are welcome to do so. It is expected that students will use a minimum of 4 texts, 3 of which must be scholarly.

The Writing Task #3 will be assessed using the criteria (rubric), found in the Learning Guide.

1) Referencing.
This requires you to clearly refer to the textual content. It is not necessary to have correct, formal referencing at this stage, but you should acknowledge ideas and content you are responding to. You should be able to cite the text as it is cited in the textual excerpt.

2) Argument structure.
This requires you to present a coherent, organised and relevant argument.

3) Grammar, Spelling and Expression.
This assesses you on functional literacy, with minimal errors. It is also a threshold requirement of all writing in this subject.

4) Original and Critical Thought.
You are required to use your own words and to apply reasoning in analysis of the textual content and question.

5) Relevance to topic and question.
You are required to apply yourself explicitly to answering the question and to stay on topic.
** the sub-topics will be attached with the order ( needs to choose 2 of them and then you have to find 2 x scholarly articles which relate to the sub-topic and integrate them into your response ).

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