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Part A (A 1-page response is required) 1. Describe the of feminist criminology. 2. Do you believe that this philosophy explains the cause of criminal behavior in women? Provide one (1) supporting fsct to justify your position. Part B (A 1- page response is required) The victims rights movement grew out of the dissatisfaction of victims with the passive role, neglect, and minimization of harm they suffered. Describe three (3) costs and effects of victimization. 2. There are numerous theories that attempt to explain victimization. Select one (1) perspective you feel is most accurate, explain why, and provide two (2) supporting facts
Week 1 Discussion 1

“Role of Law in Society” Please respond to the following:
• From the e-Activity, describe two (2) major functions of law in the U.S. Discuss the success and failure of law in fulfilling your two (2) chosen functions of law in our society. Provide two (2) examples of such success and failure to support your rationale.
• Examine three (3) relative roles of law in our society from Chapter 1 of the text. Discuss members of society’s level of willingness to follow the law in these roles. Provide a rationale for your response.
Week 1 Discussion 2

“The Role of Litigation in the Lives of Residents of the United States” Please respond to the following:
• Compare the frequency of litigation in the U.S. described in Chapter 1 with at least two (2) other countries around the world. Suggest two (2) factors that you believe contribute to the difference in frequency between the countries your chose and the U.S. Provide specific examples of these factors to support your rationale.
• Examine three (3) implications of Americans using the U.S. Court System to settle frivolous disputes relative to the role of litigation in U.S. society. Provide a rationale for your response.

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