• October 5th, 2017

Writing Assignment #1: Hurricanes!

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Hurricanes have been making headlines, with each event seemingly more destructive than the last. In the United States, hurricanes Katrina (New Orleans 2005, 1833 fatalities), Sandy (New York/New Jersey 2012, $75 billion in damages, 233 fatalities), Harvey (Houston, 2017) and Irma (Florida, 2017) immediately come to mind. Elsewhere, Super Typhoon Yolanda killed 6340 in the Philippines and the eastern Pacific in 2013, and Hurricane Patricia, which made landfall in southern Mexico in 2015, stands as strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere.

In your essay you will describe what a hurricane is, make connections between hurricane formation and concepts learned in class, and speculate as to the future of hurricanes, including whether California may someday be at risk.

The goals of this writing assignment are to:

1) Apply concepts learned in the first four lab sessions

2) Interpret and explain current scientific data

3) Practice writing in the style of a formal scientific paper

4) Learn about hurricanes


Limit yourself to the course textbook, the lab documents, the last two pages of this document, and the following websites from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as you complete this assignment:


Focus on the information provided in the “Tropical Cyclone Climatology” section, though you are welcome to browse the rest of the website, including the “Educational Resources” tab.


The first five pages of this tutorial provide an overview of hurricane formation (especially pages 1, 3, and 4)

In your essay, you need to use the data provided in your sources to address the following questions:

What is a Hurricane?

What is a hurricane? When and where do they occur? Which regions of the U.S. are most prone to hurricanes? Briefly explain how air pressure, rainfall, and storm surge are part of discussions related to hurricanes.

Hurricanes and Solar Insolation

Expand on the relationship between hurricanes and solar insolation. Where on the planet do hurricanes originate and why? What causes hurricanes to “die out”? In addition to your other sources, you should refer Figure #1 on page 3, and the map in the “Overview” section of the “Tropical Cyclone Climatology” website.

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