• April 19th, 2016

Write essay 4-5 page on “On the Power of Stories to move, mold, and us”, which is based on two article and one Poem. Follow the instructions as given in the instruction page in the attachment/ files uploaded.

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Write essay on “On the Power of Stories to move, mold, and us”, which is based on two article one is “How To Tell A True War Story” by O’Brien and another one is “The Lives of the Dead” by O’Brien and one Poem by Paul Muldoon, “The Mirror” which is attached by me in the attachment. Find an article in a literary journal about the power of stories on readers, and work the ideas into your paper. Explain how the stories with shifting reality, that reveal man’s apparent indelible connection with evil, and without a moral, can nonetheless “SAVE” us? Please see the Prompt page in the attachment and follow the instruction. Please do proper work on Thesis, take quote from the text which I send in attachment and explain it. I need quote in each paragraph except of conclusion. Explain conclusion proper which is directly relate to paper. I am troubling on my last paper they did not follow the instruction I have to send my paper again and again please do not repeat that just follow the instruction and complete the essay. Do not forget find an article in a literary journal. And also work on cited page properly, last time you did not cited my article at all so please work on that properly.

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