• October 11th, 2017

Write a 600-750 word theoretical summary based on two theories/concept that affect your organization

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Write an investigative summary that discusses the involvement of two theories/concepts of management that affect the functionality of your organization.
Instructions: Write a 600-750 word theoretical summary based on two theories/concepts that affect your organization. Select your two theories/concepts from what is presented in the “. . . Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations . . .” PowerPoint. Augment your discussion by obtaining at least two research articles from peer-reviewed journal in the APUS online library that demonstrate the use of each selected theory—two research articles for each theory/concept; four scholarly articles minimum. Use research studies/articles that were published within the last ten years. You want to select research that presents each theory and its usefulness in organizations and management. Again, choose leadership theories found within the “theories” lecture, unless you obtain written permission from the professor to explore other theoretical material that may interest you. Remember to cite your references in text. The paper should be written in third person and is not reflective (first person not acceptable). A title page and references page are required (no abstract needed). Your forum work for weeks two and three may be utilized as a resource to create this paper.

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