• January 3rd, 2017


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Write two essays (approximately 3 pages each, typed and double spaced). Be sure to explain your ideas. Try to avoid using quotes. Write in your own words whenever possible. In other words, convince your reader that you have read the material and that you understand the issues discussed in class.
-1) Buddhism can be understood as more of an orthopraxy than an orthodoxy. In whatways can Buddhism be conceived of as a set of correct practices? In what ways, if any, is it a set of correct beliefs?
-2. Choose a or b:
a) Huston Smith writes: “Circling around each other like yin and yang themselves, Taoism and Confucianism represent the two indigenous poles of the Chinese character…Confuciusstresses social responsibility, Lao Tzu praises spontaneity and naturalness.” Explain these statements in regards to Confucianism and Taoism.
b) For Confucius, apart from human relationships, there is no self. Explain what thismeans.

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