• March 6th, 2016

Working with families

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This week, please watch a three-part video lecturette given by Martha Wilson, the former Director of our School of Social Work. In this lecture, she focuses on working with families and ties in many of the concepts raised within your readings this week. Please note that she refers to the Hutchison textbook, which was the textbook assigned previously in HBSE (Dimensions of Human Behavior Person and Environment). Based upon your readings and the video-lecture and handouts by Dr. Martha Wilson, complete a genogram and an ecomap of your family. These will not be submitted. You are welcome to use any program of your preference to do this, but the easiest and most common method would be to draw it by hand. If you choose to respond to Question 1, please post 1) your thoughts and reactions to completing the genogram and ecomap, and 2) how and why you see incorporating (or not) either of these into your practice. [Question 1] How have social, economic and technological changes impacted family structure in the U.S.? What implications do these changes have for social work practice with families? (adapted from Robbins et al.). [Question 2] How would social work practice guided by deep ecology and ecofeminism be different from the more conventional social work based on the life model or structural functionalism? (adapted from Robbins et al.). [Question 3]

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