• April 6th, 2016

Women receptions’ spaces in Saudi Arabian houses

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

2 annotated Bibliography that have:
An annotation comprised of:
• a summary of the author’s key arguments and conclusions written in your own words (generally 3-4 sentences), to show what the article covers and where to go for information, not to replicate the article itself
• quotations that are particularly relevant and that you might wish to use in your literature review. NOTE: you must include page numbers
• information about the author and/or source to help evaluate the content and validity of the article
• any questions or critiques raised while reading
• a “look-up list” of any references used within the article, book, etc. (i.e., works you might find useful in your own research)
• a glossary of specialized terms that you learned while reading this text
• any images that may be helpful in demonstrating your argument.

Each annotation should contain the following:
• APA citation
• identification of type of resource, i.e.,
• books
• journal articles from peer-reviewed journals (includes dissertations and white papers)
• articles from trade or industry magazines
• texts from the popular press (media magazines, blogs, etc.)
• web-based resources (websites, not academic, trade, or popular press)
• videos
• podcasts, etc.

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