• August 4th, 2017

Wk6 Discussion

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To prepare for this Discussion, consider Case 13.2, “How Safe Is Safe?” on pages 351–352 of Northouse (2016) and review the Albert, Reynolds, and Turan (2015), Lawton and Páez (2015), Hoover and Pepper (2015), and Gustafson (2013) articles provided in this week’s Learning Resources.
By Day 3
Post your application of ethical frameworks to the ethical dilemma posed in the case study. In your application, do the following:
Justify your proposed solution, and explain the reasoning you used to arrive at your solution.
Incorporate the justifications you provided in response to the Case 13.2.
Apply the ethical framework(s) outlined in the Learning Resources or in other scholarly literature that aligns with your reasoning. Explain how your reasoning aligns with those frameworks.

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