• August 5th, 2017

WK6 – 512 – DQs

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discussion Questions (3 pages for 3 questions below)
5. Request for 3 page for 3 discussion questions
6. make sure TWO additional reference ADDITIONAL Textbooks below.
7. use APA format
8. list answer each question and reference SEPARATELY
9. use references listed below
10. use attached files for references.

1. Although the list could be extensively longer, Barr & McClellan identify their top nine common pitfalls. Which pitfall do you feel is most often the culprit of budget crisis and why? How could this be avoided?
(1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)
2. Up until recently, the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime pay rule was on the minds of all budget managers. Although there was good intention behind the act, it would have been one of the largest budget pitfalls higher education has ever seen.
read this Inside Higher Ed article and discuss what the future would have looked like if this act would have went into effect. How could institutions continue at the same level of production and afford the overtime? What areas would need to be sacrificed?
(1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)

3. find an academic article discussing successful budget management strategies and share which you believe is the best advice for future/current managers. Why is that important for others to know and apply to their work?
(1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)

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