• April 21st, 2016

William Pitt Baldinger

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For your book analysis of William Pitt Ballinger: Texas Lawyer, Southern Statesman, 1825-1888, by John A. Moretta. Prompt: Within every antebellum Southern state there existed a small professional class, located mostly in the region’s urban areas. Within these environments, especially if they were port cities like Galveston, the “Southern way of life” took on a completely different meaning. This “southern way of life” effected virtually all aspects of daily life as well as overall outlook on key issues of the time. This was true for Galvestonian William Pitt Ballinger, who in a variety of capacities reflected this “other” Southern existence. Explain how Ballinger’s life as a professional, slave holder, Whig nationalist and anti-secessionist was atypical for his time. Cite specific examples from your reading to support your observations. You are to read the first seven chapters; that is Ballinger’s life through the end of the Civil War. Once Ballinger accepted the legitimacy of secession, he rather quickly transformed into a rabid Confederate nationalist. Why? What prompted such a metamorphosis? Requirements: – 4-5 pages – less than 4 pages will not adequately answer the prompt. Text beyond page 5 will not be read. – Double – spaced – Times New Roman, 12 point font – 1” Margins – Chicago or MLA citations – Cover page that lists your name, the professor’s name, the class, and the date Suggestions: – Near the beginning of your paper, ensure that you have a clear, strong thesis statement that tells the reader exactly what your essay will argue. – Quote or paraphrase evidence from the book to support your argument (and cite where the information can be found) – Only after you finish arguing that Ballinger’s life was typical should you transition to your answer regarding why Ballinger transformed into a rabid Confederate nationalist.

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