• April 14th, 2016

Will E-Commerce( Electronical Commerce) replace all the physical stores in the near future?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Writing an even longer project incorporating more supporting sources challenges us to think more carefully about how we arrange the ideas and material we hope to communicate to our readers.

Class discussions and materials posted to D2L will review the use of quotations, paraphrase, and transitions to facilitate a reader’s understanding of our ideas and our position.

We will also continue to work with parenthetical citations and the bibliographic style used in your major, or by default APA. Check to see what style guide is used in your chosen field. This is your last opportunity to practice now for assignments in your major.

There will be one mandatory conference during the writing process when we can meet one-on-one to discuss your individual work.

The drafting, reviewing, and revising process all provide opportunities to improve clarity, coherence, and tone to better persuade your reader that your research and your project prove your claim (your answer to your research question).
This will be a persuasive paper.

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