• April 22nd, 2016

Why has the U.S. not intervened militarily in Syria?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research Question (the question is: Why has the U.S. not intervened militarily in Syria?)

By ‘intervene militarily’ I majorly imply the idea of humanitarian intervention.

  • Justification for Question (rationale and relevance)
  • Understand Existing Answers to the Question (Literature Review)
  • Develop your own explanation (Theory) and derive observable propositions (Hypotheses)
  • Chose Research Design
  • Methodology (it should be rather qualitative (not quantitative), evidence/data)
  • Collect & Analyze data
  • Discuss Findings

There should reference to the academic debate on U.S. foreign policy, and, foreign policy towards the Syrian crisis in particular.


The theory should not be just realism or liberalism since these are too general and not geared enough to the case study of U.S. policy towards Syria.

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