• April 18th, 2016

Who should decide what should be taught in schools and why?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Essay questions for Aims April 2016 2000 words. You may use a few direct quotes that are correctly referenced in text with page numbers. Make sure the majority of your sources are philosophical.
To complete this assignment you must have read and cited at least two of the following:
Bailey, R. (ed.) (2010) The Philosophy of Education: An Introduction. London: Continuum (any chapter)
Brighouse, H. (2006). On Education London: Routledge (ebook available in library)
Reiss, Michael, and John White. An aims-based curriculum: The significance of human flourishing for schools. IOE Press, 2013. (PDF on moodle site)
White, J. (2007). What Schools are for and Why. London: Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. (PDF on moodle site)
You are now expected to use two of these texts AND to search for and use further suitable texts.

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