• April 21st, 2016

Whether or not universities should replace face to face classes with online instruction

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This paper is designed to be open-ended, as long as you answer “whether or not universities should replace face-to-face classes with online instruction” by making an argument. However, draw upon your sources to support your argument using counter-argument, direct support and source as lens. A successful paper will feature elegant integration of sources, thoughtful summary and analysis of those sources’ points of view, and an attempt on your part to synthesize those points of view into an original, unobvious contribution to the conversation about the extent to which universities should or should not replace face to face classes with online classes
Criteria: 1) overall, is the paper’s analysis insightful? Does it use summary to effectively introduce and contextualize its sources? 2) is the paper cogently “scaffolded” that is, does it feature strong topic sentences and transitions? 3) does the paper avoid making any sentence-level errors that might severely distract the reader?
Please organize this essay structure based on counter-argument. For example, have one strong argument (online courses not only ruin the true definition of college culture, such as engagement, interaction and diversity, but also damages student’s behavior and motivation towards their academics by making students feel isolated and disconnected), and work around counter-arguments in order to evolve/advance and to proof this argument.

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