• April 21st, 2016

What Does the Media Teach Us About Gender?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. INTRODUCTION Your Introduction should state your thesis and your interest in the area.
2. LITERATURE REVIEW: In this section you must cite what researchers claim the media’s role in socialization is. (You can use your textbook for a discussion of some research, but I also suggest looking for some journal articles using the electronic indexes from the library). Read at least five sources on how Media influences society and individual behavior especially in matters of Gender. Relate these readings in your Literature Review.
3. REASEARCH: Compare the most recent edition of at least 4 magazines. These magazines cannot be of a sexual nature (e.g., Playboy or Playgirl). Analyze the advertisements in these magazines from a sociological perspective with regards to what they say about men and women, gender expectations and gender socialization. In this section you describe the types of magazines (title and a brief description of the focus of the magazine) you used and why you chose them. To conduct this study, you need to code the advertisements. I suggest you a) Keep track of the number of total advertisements for each magazine, the number that just feature men, the number that just feature women and the number with both b) code the individual advertisements according to the portrayal of men and women’s roles. I suggest you code them along 3 dimensions – traditional (e.g., for women, the woman in the ad may be cooking, cleaning, etc.), non-traditional (if a man was doing these behaviors) or gender neutral (e.g., standing around w/o any hint to a relationship with other people in the ad) You are free to use other categorizations, but regardless of which you chose, in your methods section you need to identify how you categorize the people in the ads and explain (you can list these) what behaviors / expressions / poses are grouped into each category. I suggest you keep track of the number of ads that fit your categories separately for the magazines aimed at men and those aimed at women. 3) For the results section, present a table with the number of ads in each category for each group of magazines (male, female). How do the numbers compare?
4) FINDINGS: Finally, what do the depictions say about men and women’s roles in society? What are the implications for gender socialization, both for young children who may flip through the magazine to look at the pictures and for continuing socialization that we experience in adulthood? What are your views about this?

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