• March 14th, 2016

What are the perceptions of students in health-related undergraduate programs of the health beliefs and / or behaviours of their peers (e.g. alcohol consumption,)?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A Literature Review needs to be critical – not just a précis (or overview) of what has been written.

From your previous studies, you should by now have a working knowledge of how to approach a literature review. You will have commenced gathering various articles together and read them. You may intuitively have organised some of the ideas emerging from your reading.

For the purposes of this assessment you should take these steps:

  1. Use credible databases and keyword searches to find literature that relates to your research question.
  2. Use Google Scholar, Findit@Flinders, or other databases relating to your question.
  3. There is a HLTH 3102 libguide to help you with your search
  4. Contact the librarian Nikki May if you need additional support with using research databases and searching for literature.
  5. Sort your literature into various themes as part of a critical analysis.
  6. Construct a table like these below. Consider including this table as part of your assessment submission to show your tutor how you came to sort your literature

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