• February 4th, 2017


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Public Writing vs. Business Writing Now that we’ve reached the end of the course, it’s important to reflect on the similarities and differences between the two main forms of writing studied in ENG 325: business writing and public writing. In this discussion prompt you will be comparing and contrasting these methods of communication. Some similarities and differences might be more obvious than others. To articulate those similarities and differences that might not be so immediately apparent, support your ideas with quotes from the course text and other course readings.
In answering this prompt, address these three questions specifically: In your opinion, what are the main similarities between business writing and public writing? What are the main differences between these two forms of communication? Which of these two forms of writing do you find comes to you most naturally and why? How do you see this preference of one form over the other impacting your professional identity once you’ve earned your degree and begin to search the job market for possible employment?

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