• January 5th, 2017

Week 6 Written Assignment

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Using the “Top 50 Best Companies” list from www.DiversityInc.com, select a company or organization for your project. In this scenario, you have been given a directive by this company to analyze the company’s internal work environment for challenges and opportunities related to diversity and/or equal employment opportunities. Through primary and/or secondary research, you are to assess the company’s or organization’s policies, practices and procedures to determine where there could be hidden barriers for success, or, conversely, where there could be clear organizational strengths. Develop an outline of the points you would cover in the process. Provide pertinent details about the organization you researched, articulate your research methodology, and clearly explain your findings.
Address each of the following points in your paper of 12-18 pages:
1. “Was [my company]’s strategy and approach to diversity successful or not, and why?” (This is your thesis statement.)
2. Is there a mission, vision or value statement that incorporates diversity and how clearly is the diversity commitment articulated?
3. Is the executive team representative of the community at large?
4. In what level of the organization are most of the diverse employees?
5. Is there a diversity plan in place?
6. Describe the internal office responsible for diversity and inclusion.
7. Is there an affirmative action plan in place?
8. What are its features?
9. Are the policies, practices and procedures appropriately defined?
10. Has the company experienced known legal concerns related to diversity?
11. Are the images in the marketing material (website, advertisements, brochures etc.) reflective of society?

Government Budgeting and Expenditures” Please respond to the following:
• Based on the second e-Activity that focuses on the Budget of the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2014 and 2015, analyze the president’s messages and the three (3) budgets you selected. Discuss four (4) governmental expenditures that you believe will have a significant impact on the national economy. Justify your response with examples

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