• April 6th, 2016

Week 5 Discussions

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In our data-driven world, how important are research schools? What can they tell us about teaching and learning? How do you think the public school system would use the data from studies such as the one conducted by Harvard University? In the past, research data from universities were used to direct the theory and practice of the K-12 education system, but that does not seem to be the norm anymore. Who is directing education reform now? What data is it based on? How do you think the current structure of the school system is working? In what ways and in what ways not?

In chapter 4 of your textbook, Antonio and Hanna Damasio talk about images, the self, brain maps, and minds. Describe each of these in your own words and give an example from your experience or knowledge to support your understanding of each. What do the brain and mind have to do with the body and emotions? Considering what is said about images, and the fact that children learn more today by virtual images; do you think there will be a lasting effect on the brain and/or mind? What are the positive and negative effects of the speed in which we receive information today (consider faster cognition, multitasking, and problem solving)? Explain in detail.

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