• January 8th, 2017


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“Policy-Making Process” Please respond to the following:

Take a position in support of one of the two statements:

• (a) Policy analysts should research the issues and determine the fundamental causes of social problems such as crime, poverty, or homelessness and then recommend solutions.

• (b) Policy analysts should develop implementable policies to address social problems such as crime, poverty, or homelessness without research to determine the cause(s). Support your position with examples or evidence.


“Models and Structuring” Please respond to the following:

•    Review Question 6 and select one of the ill-structured problems taken from the journal Policy Analysis (now the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management Under the title “Department of Unintended Consequences”. Analyze the problem; then, provide an example on how classification analysis, hierarchy analysis, and synectics might be used to structure the problem you selected. Identify the problem you selected in your discussion with one of the following key phrases: (a) Egyptian agriculture, (b) ecologists and field mice, (c) San Francisco’s North Beach parking.

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