• April 13th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For each week’s assignment, find your assigned letter and complete the problems associated with that letter in this document. If your instructor has not assigned you a letter, please use the first letter of your last name. Please post both of the problems assigned to you.

Post responses to at least two other students. You can:

Ask a question about your classmate’s solution
Offer help when you see an error
Seek help in completing your own problems
Remember that non-substantive posts such as “Good job!” will not count toward your participation score.

By the end of the week, please review and comment on the answers provided by at least two of your peers.

Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Valid solutions and correct answers.
Substantively participates in discussion:

Responds to feedback with revisions.
Seeks help on assignment questions.
Provides help or ideas that add to the discussion.
For assistance with any problems you may have when completing this assignment—OR—to offer your assistance to classmates, please use the Problems and Solutions Discussion area located through the left side navigation link.

Arrow Use the Respond link to post responses and materials that pertain to this assignment. Use the Respond link beneath any existing postings to respond to them.

Remember that simply praising another student’s work is not considered a substantive participation post.

Assignment 1: Discussion Assignment

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