• January 8th, 2017


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“The Principles”. Please respond to the following:

•    In Marbury v. Madison, describe and comment about both Jefferson’s approach and Madison’s logic, and weigh the options.

– Explain if Jefferson’s approach could have worked.

– Discuss the significance of the case to the constitutional principles.

•    Analyze and discuss how the opinions in Griswold v. Connecticut reflect justices’ views about the roles of the judiciary and the legislature.


“The Constitution.” Please respond to the following:

•    Discuss the impact of Superior Court Justices who serve on the bench for decades. Do they reflect the prevailing norms better than elected legislatures? State why or why not.

•    The Constitution has always had several interpretations. Pick one amendment and provide an interpretation for and against that amendment.

•    Discuss how public administrators can juggle situations where two or more parties interpret the constitution differently.


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