• April 6th, 2016

Warehouse Scheduling

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You are the new VP of Operations for the Florida Corp Warehouse, and you have noticed there is no planning regarding the scheduling of the warehouse.
There are five different shifts of workers at the warehouse, each with a different average hourly rate. The five shifts are from: (6am-2pm), (8am-4pm), (Noon-8pm), (4pm-Midnight), (10pm-6am)
You also have reviewed the amount of inbound and outbound material flow and determined that there is a minimum number of staff required throughout the day (the department is currently having issues meeting all of the customer demand in some shifts, which causes backlog for other shifts). The minimum (Full Time Employees) FTEs needed are listed below:
Time FTE’s needed
6-8am 80
8-10am 70
10am-12pm 60
12pm-2pm 90
2pm-4pm 90
4pm-6pm 100
6pm-8pm 100
8-10pm 60
10pm-12am 50
12am-6am 50
Your CEO has given you permission to staff the warehouse as you see fit to meet these needed. Determine the daily staffing plan that meets all of the requirements at the lowest cost, so you can report to the CEO the new plan.
Complete the excel file that is provided, describing your process in solving this problem, and defining what are the constraints, variables, and the overall objective of this problem.
3-4 well-developed paragraphs, that includes a topic sentence and at least 3-5 supporting sentences with additional details, explanations, and examples.
You will need to use a minimum of three reliable external resources and the required textbook

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