• February 8th, 2017


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“Building an Online Course” Please respond to the following:
• Imagine that you have been tasked with revising the course outline you located in the e-Activity from a classroom course to an online course. From the first e-Activity, create two (2) goals with two (2) objectives each, specific to an online learning environment. Compare and contrast the online goals and objectives with the classroom goals and objectives.
• Suggest three (3) activities to help students meet the goals and objectives for your online course. Provide a rationale for selecting the activities, and discuss the expected benefits for student learners.

Creating an Online Class” Please respond to the following:
• From the second e-Activity, discuss two (2) advantages and disadvantages to using the Websites within the context in question, and specify two (2) ways in which to overcome any identified obstacles.
• * From the Other Preparation, examine the diagram you prepared for your Website and explain the organization of its layout. Compare your diagram with the layout from one (1) of the Websites in the second e-Activity, and recommend additional changes you would make to your layout based on your comparison. Provide a rationale for your finalized Website design choice(s).

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