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2 sources must be from scientific literature. do not use Wikipedia as a source. be sure to place citations for sources un the text and list them as “References” at the end. no direct quotations.this paper will be submitted in Turnitin.com.
Volcano assignment:
are the lessons learned from the Mt.St. Helens eruption in 1980, the Nevado del Ruiz eruption in 1985, and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 adequately being taken into consideration in planning for volcanic hazards and disasters from the next eruption of Mt. Rainier?
A. Consider these factors for Mt. St. Helen, Nevado del Ruiz, and Mt. Pinatubo:
1. the tectonic settings and types of volcanoes.
2. the eruption histories of the volcanoes.
3. the details of the three eruption listed(1980, 1985, and 1991)and the major volcanic hazards they produced.
4. did all three eruption result in disasters? why were the outcomes different for people living near the different volcanoes?

B. For Mt. Rainier:
1. what are the tectonic setting and type of volcano, a brief history of eruptions, and the known volcanic hazards?
2. what is the distribution of human population with respect to these volcanic hazards?
3. what are disaster planning officials in the state of Washington currently doing to avert future volcanic disasters from an eruption of Mt. Rainier?
4. Do their plans adequately take into consideration the lessons learned from the Mt. St. Helens(1980), Nevado del Ruiz(1985), and Mt. Pinatubo(1991) eruption?

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