• April 3rd, 2016

Voice Thread presentation on Tony Abbott and the Japanese Submarines

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

you need to use the program https://voicethread.com/myvoice/#create/7720834
to create the presentation not powerpoint to loc on use the following swinassignment@gmail,com password swinburne all lowercase.
The topic is Tony Abbott and the Japanese Submarines ( if you don’t know who Tony Abbott is than he is a former Australian Prime minister).
You will need to create stimulus questions, conundrums or scenarios that will demonstrate the efficacy of your strategy.
Present your topic using the VoiceThread application.
our presentation in VoiceThread should be about 5 slides in length, and make use of the various functionalities of VoiceThread such as commenting or doodling throughout the presentation slides (do not use voice). You will also need to esnure you provide a reference list (as a final slide) to cite any relevant images or other media used at least 5 types of media. Photo clip etc on the topic with interactive questions.

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