• March 17th, 2016

Visual Form and Style

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For this paper, your task is to try to try to develop a synthesis of two or
more readings that you have done up to now to analyze a complete scene in a
movie that has a compelling and interesting visual style. (If you?re unsure
what ?visual style means, refer to Bordwell and Thompson chapters on the

Example: Deep focus in Citizen Kane. Neo-Realism in a scene of a film by Abbas
Kiarostami, or by Larry Clark, or Y. Sound in a scene in Gravity. Narrative
Style in Tarantino?s Django, or in Fellini?s 8½.

Take care to choose a film and a scene that repays close analysis and
discussion. This means that you might want to see a couple of movies.

Develop an analysis that utilizes some of the key terms of the material you are
working with. You don?t need to use all the terms and ideas that we?ve
explored. You need to select important ones that allow you to talk about the
formal and stylistic qualities of the scene you have chosen. Ideally, your
analysis will center around two or three key concepts, and examine how they
operate in the context of a specific film.

As you did in the shot analysis, select one scene that you explore in depth.
How does the director construct the scene? What narrative form do they utilize?
Include at least two citations from the readings we have explored up to this
point in your discussion. How does this film stay close to the discussion you
are referring to and how might it depart from the ideas you have read about?
How does the scene demonstrate a use of film form to express the story and
ideas? What is the relation between the scene?s visual style and story?

Your discussion will be strengthened by the use of precise, extended
description followed by a consideration of the meaning and value of what you
have described. However, be sure to set up your discussion of the scene.
Introduce the film, as well as the role of the scene in the film. Finally, of
course, tell us what you make of the ultimate interest and meaning of what you
have discovered?for this film in particular but also, perhaps, for film form
and film style in general.

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