• March 9th, 2016

Using a case study of Apple Inc. and concepts such as creativity, innovation and ICTs(Knowledge processes in organisation) account for what apple does, how managers/organization respond to the requirements and what lessons can be drawn from the case

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is an academic essay for evaluation purposes at LSE. The marking system is highly stringent and the requirement of the essay is to present critical arguments rather than being descriptive.
The topic helps to draw on more than one different theoretical tradition so as to produce integration and conceptual synthesis across different themes in the course. The essays should present a critical appreciation of the relevant literature, illustrate it with empirical examples and develop an original argument. The essay should refer to, and be evidenced by, the relevant scientific literature. The evidence from newspapers and the internet (e.g. news websites, reports) should be used to describe the problems being faced by the organizations.

Article for Apple: http://techland.time.com/2012/05/07/six-reasons-why-apple-is-successful/ (Refer to more sources)

Concepts for knowledge processes in organisations which can be used for the essay:
1. Knowing and learning in organizations.
2. Creativity, play and innovation (Focus here)
3. From entrepreneurship to entrepreneuring
4. The narrative space: storytelling as knowledge transmission
5. ICTs: The technological actor (Focus here)
6. Temporary organizing and knowledge
7. Knowledge processes and power relations
8. Managing to collaborate: Inter-organizational collaboration
9. Collective Memory and Cultural Frameworks

Other things to be taken care of:
There should be no scope of plagirism. The essay is required to be well structured with the paragraphs linked. The Introduction paragraph should set the topic, advance an answer to what is required in the topic and provide a preview of the essay’s structure. There should be a conclusion paragraph.
The essay is marked according to:
• Presence of a coherent argument
• Interest-value (what is your argument and is it challenging, critical etc.)
• Understanding of concepts and literature
• Ability to integrate across the topics.
• Ability to connect theory with practice

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