• April 4th, 2016

Urban Studies

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

With this course project you must use our two textbooks( CITIES OF TOMORROW: AN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY OF URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN SINCE 1880
PUBLISHERS) as sources in your quest to identify and explain the TEN key
lessons learned over the 20th century in regards to urban planning: what it must do, how it works, and what guiding
theories having proven the most effective. The articulation of the lessons learned will come from your own mind, but they
should be directly informed by the course texts. This means, show me that you’ve read, understood, and thought critically
about the ideas found in both of our course’s books. That will be the first third of your paper. The last 2/3 of your paper
will address two cities, not touched on in either book, that have been shaped by 20th century planning ideas: for both the
good and the bad. Your paper will be 2,000 words, double-spaced, in a 12 point font. No title page. At least 5 additional
scholarly sources. A
‘Works Citied’ page is not optional nor are in-text citations/footnotes showing me where your information is coming from
and what sources you are using. In writing your paper, you should make it clear where your words/thoughts end and
where the ideas/words of others begin.

Make sure 1. Does your paper have a clear introduction and explanation of its purpose/intent? (3 points)
2. Are your 10 key lessons learned indentified and explained clearly in your words? (5 points)
3. Do your lessons learned show a critical understanding of both course texts and are they informed
directly by their content? (5 points)
4. Have you identified two cities that have been shaped by 20th century planning ideas (for both the
good and bad) and have you provided an analysis of both, connecting them to the lessons learned
identified in the first part of the paper? (5 points)
5. Do you have the needed footnotes throughout your paper and is it clear where your words/ideas end
and where the words/ideas of your sources begin? (3 points)
6. Do you have a clear conclusion that restates the main ideas of the paper? (2 points)
7. Do you have a clear, understandable Works Cited page? (2 points)

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