• March 3rd, 2016

"Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges" Rhetorical Analysis

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These were the comments that my teacher sent me:
You’ve discussed some points regarding moves and rhetorical appeals Perline uses, so you show you’re thinking.  Good.  Keep going.  You can use the peer review questions and the feedback below along with the Rubic on Bb that shows the kinds of things I’ll be assessing your essay on.
Introduction – Includes attention getter, context of the debate on this issue, thesis your main focus at the end of the opening paragraph.
Keep shaping your attention getter. Introduce the essay title in opening paragraph even if you summarize it more fully in the second. Ross Perlin is an author.  Consider how you introduce him.Can you further clarify Perlin’s argument rather than using the same words as in his essay title?
Also, later, what do you mean “equal access”?Keep shaping your thesis.  Facts and stats = logos.  What rhetorical moves make his argument effective or ineffective overall?  You’re making a claim about these and what they then lead to in terms of the persuasiveness or effectiveness of the argument.

Your thesis points to the  rhetorical aspects/features that contribute to making or not making the author’s choices successful and persuasive and thus leading to a strong argument.

– Your body paragraphs need to then lay out the reasons (rhetorical features) to support your thesis.
You don’t need to explain the meaning of the appeals.  Assume your reader know this.  Just state whether Perlin used it effectively or whatever your claim about a chosen writer’s move.

Use reference to Perlin and what he does or includes.

Keep going.  What is the author’s ethos?

Consider not only  how you lay out your topic points regarding the author’s choice of rhetorical features and how they support your thesis,  but also somewhere you’ll want to mention of the targeted audience and how what he includes addresses audience expectation and needs, if he does.  Where? Why?  How?  or Why not?
Were there any other moves he successfully employed that influenced the effectiveness of his essay?

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