• February 13th, 2017

Unit1 gp

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Introduce yourself to your team in the Unit 1 Group Discussion area. You will be working together throughout the session, so begin to build your relationships. Your first collaboration is to complete the Team Charter Template.
To prepare to manage your company, you will need to identify a COO and a manager for each product (VP). You will need to agree upon communication processes and team deliverables such as timing of final product decisions and slide submissions. The team process requires that:
• each product manager (VP) make thoughtful product decisions before the close of each round
• the team review the company status before round close and offer ideas
• the COO/team make the needed financial decisions at the company level to keep the company solvent
• each product manager and COO create their specific slides for the Board of Directors presentation, discussing the results of each simulation “round,” which represents a year of business.
Task Assignment Part 1: Complete the Team Charter Template

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