• January 7th, 2017

Unit IV Project

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Serial, mass, sensational, and spree murders add to the complexity of murder investigations. In this project, you will choose one type of murder (listed below), and provide one example/name of a murderer that falls into this category.

• Serial murder

• Mass murder

• Sensational murder

• Spree murder

For example, you may choose serial murder and your example could be Ted Bundy. In this case, you would describe a serial murderer and detailed reasons why Ted Bundy is in this category.

Begin with an introduction detailing the type of murderer you have chosen. Explain in detail the definition/characteristics of this type.

In succeeding paragraphs, introduce the person you have chosen as an example. Give his/her name, a brief description of his/her background, crimes committed, their capture and sentencing.

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