• October 7th, 2017

Unit 6 Practice Exercise

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Objective: Unit 6 – Assignment Topics:

· Design Specifications (20 points)

· Design Consistency (15 points)

· Personalization (15 points)

Due: by Sunday of the unit week, by midnight.

Part 1 Design specifications (20 points)

Consider the design of a registration system for a hotel.

Following the design specification items in the following table, briefly describe the relevant users, tasks, and displays involved in the registration system for a hotel.


Part 2 Design Consistency (15 points)

Design consistency within an Internet site is an important way to build customer loyalty and trustworthiness. Visit one of your favorite websites and analyze this site for design consistency. Your analysis should consider general layout, colors and fonts, labeling, links, and other such items.

Part 3 Personalized Content (15 points)

Go to the Web and find a site that provides personalized content and a site that allows you to customize the site’s content to your preferences. Prepare a report that compares and contrasts personalization and customization. Is one method better than the other? Why or why not?

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