• October 2nd, 2017

Unit 4 Investigation CIS 142 Cloud Computing Concepts

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

write a short paper on ONE of the investigation topics listed below. Your paper should be between one and two pages in length (single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font) not counting the references. Please list all sources used for your investigation, using APA formatting for your in-text Citations and the References at the end of your paper. Please be careful to cite all your sources so as not to unintentionally plagiarize.

List of Investigation Topic

(1) Cloud Storage Concepts (multiple parts)

1- Explain how cloud-based data storage works.

2- What factors should you consider when selecting a vendor for a cloud-based storage solution for your company?

3- Do you feel confident storing your data within the cloud? Why or why not? Explain the issues related to this idea.

4- List the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based data storage.

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