• February 9th, 2017

Unit 2 Discussion

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Revisit the images you and your colleagues found to represent the curriculum development process (remember this was the Unit 2 Discussion). In almost every image, there was a process of evaluation and improvement of the program through the collection of data. Data is collected through a variety of sources. Referencing your Reading and other sources, identify and explain three different methods you will use to collect data in order to improve your program. Remember to have a variety of sources in order to get the most accurate information. Think outside the box here. You do not just want to use student grades or test scores to assess the program. What other things might give a picture of how the program is running?
Once you have identified the methods, write a descriptive paragraph explaining the process you will use.
Read your classmates’ posts, select one, open a conversation with your selected peer to develop answers to the following questions and post them to your Discussion:
1. Explain the differences within the data collection processes for assessing a program that is campus based as compared to an online program.
2. Identify and explain three online data sources that would support the assessment of an online program?
3. How would you improve an entire online program based upon the data collected?

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