• April 12th, 2016

UK Visas and Immigration has appointed you to produce for them

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UK Visas and Immigration has appointed you to produce for them,  a 5,000 word report of appropriate format, standard of presentation and content. The purpose of the report is twofold: to discover, analyse and comment on the inadequacies of the student visa process for the United Kingdom; and, in so doing, to justify and evaluate an appropriate selection of Business Analysis techniques and tools.

This assignment is potentially very broad in scope: it is up to you to determine the exact scope of investigation and justify this. You need to cite the sources you refer to in finding out more about this process. You will need to select, apply and evaluate techniques and tools which provide for all four activities (investigate situation, consider perspectives, analyse needs and define requirements) and, by necessity, encompass at least two of the three paradigms (socio-technical, functional and object-oriented). The following table is a reminder of those which we have, or will, cover in class. Other techniques and tools may be appropriate;

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