• April 2nd, 2016

Uber System “Quality Function Deployment “

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Create the House of Quality (HOQ) for your system, using the needs of a single stakeholder, for example the ambulance driver in LAS. Since it is not easy to create a house of quality, I recommend selecting a stakeholder whose needs you understand and for which you can determine technical requirements to support the stakeholder needs. It is okay to select whichever stakeholder you wish, even if it is the same stakeholder another student selects.

Develop as much of the HOQ as you can, but specifically the Customer (stakeholder) needs (the “what(s)”), technical requirements that achieve them (the “how(s)”), the center area that indicates the strength of the technical requirement in meeting the customer need, and the roof of the HOQ which indicates whether technical requirements are positively or negatively related. Create a “glossary / dictionary” that explains each phrase that denotes a customer need and each phrase that denotes a technical requirement. If you feel that a customer need or technical requirement requires a statement of “rationale”, please include it in the glossary and label it accrdingly. Do your best to assign priorities to the customer needs.

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