• March 21st, 2016


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The Uber System is affected by environmental constraints (legal, political, cultural).

Customers inquire about how Uber works: options, prices

Customers file complaints

Drivers must be hired and paid.

Uber must make sure that driver’s cars and insurance are satisfactory.

Uber provides updates to drivers on ride charging, Uber’s percentage.

A minor point – the arrows in your diagram should represent information flowing between the environment and the system, and thus be represented as a noun or noun phrase.

In the Use Case Description, when is the driver informed of the destination. What if it is East Hampton, and he doesn’t want to travel that far?
Review the meaning of Association, Include, Extend, and Generalization as it applies in Use Case Descriptions.

The question were description The system is Uber, the subsystem is Location” you can change it” Assignment is to model the subsystem, creating: -A Context Diagram -Use Case Diagram(s), and -Activity Diagram(s) Each student should also create Use Case Descriptions for at least two of their Use Case, using the template attached Additional models may also be created to explain the subsystem operation and structure

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