• April 11th, 2016

Two-dimensional materials (Graphene, Transitionmetal di-chalcogenites,…)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1) Explain generally what the topic is about in a few sentences understandable to the average


2) Write about what is known about the subject

3) Write about what is not known/current areas of research what important questions are unanswered?


  1. a) Use quotations sparingly if at all. They must be cited correctly.
  2. b) The review introduces the topic, summarizes current important results, discusses the importance of those collective results and ends with a brief indication of where the field is headed in the near future.
  3. c) Include something about the history of research in that subject
  4. d) Don’t use a webpage as a sourcee) Copying your text from Wikipedia or any other webpage is not allowed and Turnitin will spot it immediately! Don’t do it.
  5. f) Use a variety of journal articles and books as your sources.

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