• March 17th, 2016

Twitter Campaign on the boost of user growth

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

submission will be 2500 word strategic advertising plan that will be
broken down into the following sections:
1. Executive summary
2. What is the problem?
3. Research (triangulation)
4. Insights
5. Creating the strategic advertising plan (you can use the Martin & Lafley (5
stages or components) model or the SOSTAC (6 stages or components)
model if you wish – there are others available). As a minimum your report
must address these points in this section:
Creative brief
What are the advertising objectives? (SMART)
Media choice
Media timetable
Measurement and evaluation component
6. Conclusion
You should have a minimum of 8 references; these ought to be a blend of
academic and professional sources
What should I write?
Sections 1 – 4 are already complicated (first term); these sections should be
no longer than 250 – 300 words. The executive summary is written at the end
and is a very strong introduction
All data sets, SWOTS and PESTLES if used are placed in appendices
Key here us that you summarise the core problem(s) and research linking to
an insight (what consumer truth you have discovered)
How should I write?
This is an advertising report and should be written in the third person (no
personal; pronouns please) and needs to be objective and neutral in tone.
This is not an academic essay nor is this a reflective essay – it is an
advertising pitch written in a report format (if in doubt make it professional in
What is going on with section 5?
This is the heart of your assessment and the crucial section. Use the
SOSTAC1 model as a rough guide and cover the key components. It may
help to complete the creative brief (this can be appended / included in your
Choose 1 / 2 advertising objectives (be clear in this section) and use the
SMART template if you are unsure.
From this point provide detailed tactics per objective linked to media channels
with a media plan
Finally each objective and set of tactics must have an evaluative /
measurement component.
For example
Objective: Change attitude (you will need to bench mark why this is an
Tactics – tell the reader what tactics you are using (social media promotion,
creating buzz and advocacy)
Media choice – which accounts, how seeded and how you will stimulate
Measurement – how are you going measure the campaign and what are the
critical success factors / criteria?
Finally provide indicative creative (in the body of the report or as an
appendix). This can include rough drawings / templates for a social media
campaign (hash tag etc. …); story boards and draft scripts / mock-ups.
We are not looking for polished & final creative … but we need to see how the
campaign will look and feel

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