• April 11th, 2016

Tutorial Assignment

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Pick a piece of music written between 1750 and 1890 which you really like. It might
perhaps be something written for your instrument or voice that you have already played,
but in any case it should be a work with which you are intimately familiar. Avoid works
discussed in the first seven weeks of lectures or tutorials. Individual movements from a
longer work are acceptable. You might want to confirm that the piece you have chosen is
suitable by asking your tutor.
Your next task is to find two academic items (i.e. articles or book chapters) which aid your
understanding of the music. The possibilities are many here: an insightful structural
analysis, an informed historical discussion, or a sensitive critical interpretation would all be
acceptable. The selection of suitable readings is part of this assessment task: material found
through simple key-word searches on the internet is unlikely to meet scholarly criteria,
while items that have been accessed via the University’s databases (e.g. JSTOR) are likely
to be OK.
Aim where possible for more recent sources, since you have a responsibility to engage with
the current state of scholarly thought, but there are plenty of excellent older items out
there, so you will have to balance these requirements (utility/contemporaneity) carefully.
Inevitably, you will have to read more broadly so as to find useful items, so remember to
take a note of all sources you consulted. If you cannot find two items, you should choose a
different piece.
2. In around 750 words, describe how these two writings have enhanced your appreciation of
the piece. What will be assessed here is not how comprehensively you summarize your
chosen items, but how well you can extract the relevant main points and relate them to
your own experience of the music. You should aim to write concisely and grammatically,
observing academic conventions as to layout, tone and citational practice (cf Essay advice
and Academic honesty below). In your bibliography you should include all sources
consulted, even if they did not make the final shortlist.

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