• April 21st, 2016


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Guidelines Students are required to explain the following concepts with necessary accounting treatment in terms of theory base on the video.

1 Video Summary of Recording Transactions*
a) Summarize the Recording Transactions video including the below items:
Discuss two (2) examples of T account transactions.·
Discuss the end product of the accounting process.·
· Discuss the foundation to all accounting systems and why this foundation is important. ·
Explain the accounting cycle process.

2 Flow Chart of Video Content a) Flow chart of key points within the video

3 My Video Questions a) Two questions must be related to the video and must be a question of which you do not have an answer?

Note: For the above video should be based on your understanding of the material from our textbook however references can be used for support. Deduction for lateness and any work submitted above 30% for Safe Assign.
Total Marks 20 Required submission – Submit the Assessment Criteria 1 through 3 as one Word Document (23 pages) file via the Blackboard Assignment Folder. *Video can be found in the content section of the course.
(this is the link for the video

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