• May 7th, 2015

Trade Summary

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



I have two reports need to do and they have the same structure and topic. All the difference is you need to get data from my two different accounts.
I asked your support person and they tell me I can place these two works in a same order.
I will attach all the requirements and information you need including the access information to my accounts and I will attach some data continuously this week.



Instructions for Project Report

Your paper should be structured as follows:

1) Use your investment policy statement as the basis for your introduction.

2) List the different types of orders you used to trade, e.g. limit buy and/or sell. List different

types of securities you traded, e.g. stocks, options, futures, mutual funds.

3) Explain the methodology you used to select investments.

4) Present an overview of the market, economic conditions, and the outlook

5) Present your results, beginning with the performance of your portfolio – absolute and risk

adjusted returns. You may include profit or loss for each security type(s) you traded.

6) Present a ranking of your individual investments — from best performers to worst

performers& provide a short explanation of your results.

7) Compare your overall performance with that of the other groups.Your performance analysis should include an estimation of the degree of diversification of your portfolio, the beta of the portfolio, the portfolio’s excess return, and the performance of your portfolio relative to the benchmark portfolio and to the performance of your classmates. You should incorporate the Sharpe, Treynor, and Jensen measures in your analysis.

8) Draw some conclusions on your performance, what you learned, what you can apply in the


9) Provide insightful comments that can help understand the reason for your performance

and performance relative to others.

10)The report should be about seven-ten pages long (single-spaced, single-sided, 1-inch margin, size

12 font), including various exhibits, figures and graphs to support the analysis (maximum

10 pages).


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