• January 9th, 2017

Total Quality Management

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Assignment Question Consider an organisation with which you are familiar (this may be one that you have currently or previously worked in). To what extent are Deming’s “deadly diseases” relevant to understanding the TQM challenges facing the organisation? Outline what quality management improvements could be made to alleviate these problems. Approaching the question (a) Be careful not to spend too much of your assignment simply describing course concepts or examples. Your emphasis should be on applying the frameworks or concepts to allow you to analyse the issues identified in the question and for this analysis to be a foundation for your subsequent conclusions; (b) Remember to substantiate your arguments. Note the question is not simply asking for a descriptive account of Deming’s ideas rather a logical and well-justified diagnosis of the organization with respect to the presence or otherwise of the identified “diseases” and possible measures to tackle them; (c) Examples can be from your own experience or from other sources (for example using secondary sources such as case studies, academic journals and quality journalism- appropriately referenced); (d) We also advise that you use the electronic databases (e.g. Business Source Premier and Emerald) in the library to search for additional academic articles which support your answer; (e) Remember to reference sources appropriately (see below).

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