• March 24th, 2016

Toshiba drove its’ managers to overstate its numbers in order to achieve unattainable targets. What different approaches could the company have used

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

follow the link below for a brief overview of what happened at Toshiba
• This is not an essay about Toshiba or its accounting irregularities
• Toshiba is used purely as an example of a company that give its managers very demanding targets, which led to XX
• Keep your content relevant to CPM are the areas of performance management we have covered. For example, you may wish to discuss top down vs. bottom up budgeting and target setting and the arguments around the involvement of employees in establishing these.
• You should research these areas and use a minimum of 10 high-quality sources
Weighting & Deadline
• 25% of coursework
• Word count: 1,500 words (+/-10%)
• Harvard referencing
• MS word document
• Anonymous marking
• Formatting – see assignment brief
• Studynet and hard copy submissions

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