• February 2nd, 2017

Topic & Research Design Presentation and Rationale

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

• A brief introduction
• Devise a specific research question related to the topic you chose in Week One.
• Explain the importance of the topic and research question.
• A brief literature review
• Evaluate published research studies on your topic found during your work on the Weeks One, Two, and Four assignments and identify two relevant published studies.
• A description of potential methods
• Based on what you have learned about research design options and requirements in this course, create an appropriate research approach and design to investigate your research question.
• Provide a rationale for your design choices.
• A discussion on ethical issues
• Apply ethical standards to the proposed research and identify potential ethical issues that would apply. Explain how you plan to address these issues.
• A conclusion
• Summarize the main points of the presentation and reiterate why the proposed research is important and why it should be carried out.

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