• April 10th, 2016

Topic Proposal

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As you begin to think through your interest in a specific area of application and the focus of your project, keep in mind that this is designed to be a process that you will use to ensure that your work is evidence-based, addresses a specific focus of application, provides the ability and methods to measure success, and indicates an understanding that your profession is one of lifelong learning and professional development. As a professional psychologist, you will continue to identify areas of strength and areas where you require additional knowledge, skills, and professional development. Approach this project as if this will be one of your focus areas of application in the field.

The introductory section of your Project will identify two significant topics:

A description of the area of practice that you have chosen.
A description of the significance of this application.

Use these questions to guide your thinking:

Why did you choose this area?
Why do you believe this is an area that will offer career opportunities?
Is there evidence that your application is needed and sought by potential clients?
How has your specialization qualified develop this practice?

With that in mind, please help! Below are the questions to respond to:

Share your area of specialization and topic of interest for your Project. The topic you select will be one that you develop into a research proposal. You will only propose the research; you will not actually collect data. Your discussion post should include your rationale for selecting this area of study for your project. Close your post with a clear research question related to your proposed study. This question will serve as the guiding question for the project.

In a sentence or two clearly state the problem you propose studying. Follow the statement of the problem with a description of the significance of your proposal. Include rationale supported by your research and readings that there is a substantiated need for your selected Integrative Project. Use APA citations as needed.

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