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Answer each topic with 300 word minimum, apa format

Topic 1: Team Meetings
How can a supervisor conduct an effective team meeting? What are some of the necessary elements and why are they necessary?

Topic 2: Personality Assessment
For this Discussion, you will take a short 60-question personality assessment.
Before you can take the personality assessment, you will have to register on the Brainbench website. View step-by-step instructions on how to register for the personality assessment.
Brainbench Website
Brainbench.com. Retrieved from http://www.brainbench.com/testcenter/brainbench/cert.jsp?core=/vtc/cert/psych/begintest.ljsp.
After you complete the personality assessment, an “Evaluation Report” will be mailed to your Kaplan email. This report looks at six different personality traits. Review your Evaluation Report and then answer the following questions on the Discussion Board:
1. How does your level of social boldness affect the way you manage?
2. How does your level of agreeableness affect the way you manage?
3. How does your level of self-control affect the way you manage?
4. How does your level of anxiety affect the way you manage?
5. How does your level of openness affect the way you manage?
6. How does your level of reasoning skills affect the way you manage?

Topic 3: Performance Evaluations
Why is it important to conduct effective employee performance evaluations? What aspects of employee performance should be evaluated and why is it important to set goals and objectives?

Topic 4: You Decide — Second Chances?
You are the head of a police department that has a civilian review board that oversees hiring and discipline. You are about to hire a new officer. The background investigation has shown this individual to have a shaky background and an even shakier work history. Four years ago, this subject was arrested for resisting arrest and possession of cannabis. The civilian review board appears to be very interested in hiring this individual stating that they feel this candidate deserves a second chance. Discuss if you feel this individual deserves a second chance. If you feel this individual should not be hired, how would you present your case to the review board?

Topic 5: Performance Appraisals
Most organizations conduct performance appraisals of their employees. Discuss some of the justifications for using this method in police agencies. Discuss the appraisal system and how it can be used effectively.

Topic 6: Decision-Making

Focus on the importance of decision making within the police organization. Discuss the different levels of decision-making within an organization and how they impact each other

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